CodeBreaker 1.5.1

Released November, 28th 2007

CodeBreaker is an OS X Dashboard implementation of MasterMind, the popular logic game from years past. Try to guess the hidden color pattern. Each guess gives you hints about the code. A red peg means you have a peg of the right color in the right spot; a white indicates right color wrong spot. Use these hints to deduce the answer. You have 10 guesses to unlock the code. Good luck!

CodeBreaker 1.5.1


The goal of the game is to unlock the secret code of four colors at the top of the board. Each row counts as one attempt. Fill out the current row with your guess then click OK. You will receive an evaluation of your attempt on the pegs to the left of your guess. Each red peg means that one of the pegs in the solution is an exact match to a peg in your guess. Each white peg indicates that a color you used in your guess is in the solution but not in the right place. Use these hints to help unlock the secret code!


Select colors by clicking or dragging from the color palette or using with the number keys 1-6. Drag and drop pegs from other guesses or use the mouse wheel to scroll colors.

Version History:

1.5.1 fixes Leopard issues.