INTelegance Laboratories

thought + beauty

INTelegance Laboratories is my outlet for exploring and presenting ideas. The site contains work ranging from software utilities to experimental algorithmic artwork to digital film shorts.

The intention of INTelegance is to find ways of constructing systems and representations that are informed by and yet inform our lives. I strongly believe that the most seemingly complex systems in our world operate under the constraints and direction of elegant properties. Analogies can be taken from mathematics, physics, computation, and biology and reapplied to one another to gain greater understandings. Aesthetics, for me, is born out of this reapplication of principle.

My name is Jim George, I live in Seattle Washington. I'm a web application developer by profession, but dabble heavily in video production, graphics programming, and software engineering.

The Spiral:

this is a simple processing applet that places a number of circles spiraling out from a center point. The individual circles do nothing but oscillate between large and small; their maximum radius is determined by their distance from the center. By constraining the system in this simple way, a visual phenomenon occurs as the circles go in and out of phase with each other.

download the source code here

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